Frost & Sullivan is a growth partnership company focused on helping our clients achieve transformational growth as they are impacted by an economic environment dominated by accelerating change, driven by disruptive technologies, mega trends, and new business models.
Our client's growth is achieved through the integration of these three value propositions:

Vision & Strategy

We partner with our clients to define their growth vision and strategy, through a wide range of growth initiatives. These include: visioning, growth pipeline development, market opportunity analysis, scenario planning, growth strategy & implementation, and mergers & acquisitions. If you’re looking for new growth opportunities and the partners you need to succeed, click here for a typical Vision and Strategy case study.

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Brand & Demand

We strengthen client brand(s) and rejuvenate demand for their products and solutions by leveraging our globally recognized thought leadership and relationships across a wide range of markets, technologies and industry sectors, to help clients attract, engage and convert prospects to customers. Enhance your content marketing programs, with services such as interactive white papers, and webinars. Click here for a typical Brand and Demand case study.

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Technology & IP

We see great opportunities for innovation and growth at the points of convergence of technologies.  We help our clients leverage technology convergence to create better solutions for their customers, with services such as technology vision road-maps, technology convergence workshops, and technology commercialization strategies.  We also help our clients evaluate and monetize their IP through a structured approach that integrates our deep understanding of applications across multiple points in the value chain.  Click here for a typical Technology and IP case study.

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Multi-billion Dollar Technologies Transforming Our World & Creating New Growth Opportunities.
Frost & Sullivan's Mobility analysts highlight digital transformation within the automotive industry, with excerpts from interviews of key players within mobility at CES.


Growth Consulting services encompass customized research, business strategy, and organizational development initiatives. Growth Consulting provides uniquely powerful and practical solutions to help companies successfully address their growth challenges. These services are tailor-made.


Monitoring and analyzing technical, economic, mega trends, competitive, customer, best practices and emerging markets research into one system which supports the entire “growth cycle” enables our clients to have a complete picture of their industry, as well as how all other industries are impacted by these factors.


Our global events and are focused on helping companies transform their organization through best practices and experiential learning. Our totally unique events are engineered to maximize interactivity, collaboration and networking in an environment that sparks innovation.