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Why You Must Attend

Frost & Sullivan is ideally positioned to support companies, investors and governments with the development of transformational growth strategies to survive this coming disruption. Our research and analysts teams are focused on industry convergence. All of our teams are collaborating globally between each industry and the disruptive innovators to proactively predict and analyze new growth opportunities from industry convergence. These convergent opportunities will provide great transformational growth strategies and at the same time drive the disruption and collapse of the incumbent industry players today.

Why GIL Events? Why Frost & Sullivan?

Each GIL Event integrates our Innovation Engine model which provides our delegates with a kaleidoscope array of growth opportunities to drive their growth pipeline. Only Frost & Sullivan is structured and organized around this innovation engine which optimizes the probability our clients will identify the opportunities and disruptions before they become destructive and or before they become “uberized” which means the investors wildly drive up the values.

Each GIL Event is unique in that it is driven by a huge investment of Frost & Sullivan research. This research based foundation we call 360 research provides a 360 degree view of all industries. It provides the basis of where we are in the market today. Without this firm understanding of where we are now, it is impossible to create a transformational growth strategy. This content drives our experiential learning platform and provides the delegates the information to have in depth and powerful think tank sessions amongst themselves.

Experiential Learning

The 360 research and “Innovation Engine” model drives our experiential learning model. We have learned what drives change the most with our clients over the past 50 plus years is when they directly experience the entire growth cycle, not by being exposed to information through PowerPoint presentations. They do not learn from presentation and Q&A. Real change and learning happens through experience. They learn when they engage in think tanks, workshops, growth strategy dialogs and solution circles where they are actively engaged with other thought leaders, industry participants, Frost & Sullivan Analysts and the speakers to create visionary scenarios and the resultant growth opportunities.

The Growth, Innovation and Leadership Solution

Global Rotation - Frost & Sullivan has set up a global series of GIL Events which rotate around the world and bring the value proposition of transformational growth to every major economic center on the planet. Click HERE to view the full GIL Events Calendar

GIL Community is 365/7/24 - The cycle of disruption, collapse and transformation is impacting every city, country, career, investment, government and company and it changes every day. This is why GIL events are running in every economic center in the world and why our GIL Community is operating 365 days a year and 24 hours per day. The developments of visionary scenarios, growth opportunities, and best practices are shared with each new upcoming GIL Event. The knowledge base and expertise expands on a daily basis and is available to all members, partners and delegates.

Growth Cycle - Each GIL event is structured around the Growth Cycle. The successful implementation of the growth cycle provides a powerful journey or what we call the "Journey to Visionary Innovation.

Growth zone - One of the tools we use in prioritizing the growth pipeline is the growth zone. This zone is the intersection of 3 key elements.

Growth Environment
- Our journey always starts with a complete assessment and analysis of where we are today. Where will our journey begin. Our current location is determined by understanding the mega trends impacting the industry, the market measurements, technology status as well as many other measurements on the industry, careers, value chain. It is critical that we understand where we are before we being the journey. If we don't know where we are, then we will not have any idea which way to go to get to our destination.

360 research - Our 360 Research model guides us in the preparation of the Growth Environment. It provides 6 different perspectives on how we must analyze the market and industry. By looking at all perspectives we greatly maximize our opportunity to growth and minimize the probability of failure.

Visionary Scenarios - The development of a full range of visionary scenarios is a key learning from each event. The participants collaborate together to brainstorm and develop visionary scenarios to understand a full range of possibilities of what the future might look like. We focus the delegates not on predicting the future but to get their companies, products, and careers ready for the future no matter what comes.

The Growth Pipeline & Innovation engine - The innovation engine is Frost & Sullivan's proprietary model or methodologies on how we structure the think tank process of visionary scenario development. Because many great new visionary innovations come from serendipitous connections we work to bring together a wide variety of industries, careers and regions to our think tanks. Amazing growth opportunities are revealed every month at the GIL events. The Innovation has 6 critical perspectives of every industry which provide a platform to develop transformational growth strategies. Without this model as a foundation many growth opportunities with great potentials are not revealed.

The Innovation Engine - This model provides a revolutionary new system to generate ideas and reveal opportunities that are truly disruptive to the market. It supports the GIL think tanks to start outside the box (or circle in this case) and discusses new perspectives that typically never get considered. For example, new business models are the most disruptive force changing the global economy today, yet, most businesses continue to look at competition, or geography for their discussions on strategic growth. This model breaks the old paradigms in a big way.

Growth Opportunity Generation & Pipeline - A key benefit and outcome of each GIL event is the generation of new growth opportunities. These opportunities must then be integrated into a company's growth pipeline to create the start of a true transformational growth strategy. The next steps are to perform an evaluation and prioritization of each growth opportunity.

Growth pipeline workshop - Our most powerful "transformational growth" workshop is the growth pipeline workshop. This workshop integrates all of the models, tools and research to support a collaborative team to generate, evaluate and prioritize the growth opportunities into a system that drives future growth. When properly implement this has a significant impact on your growth.

Growth Strategy - Once the growth pipeline is well underway we are ready to begin discussing the growth strategy. This is how the company will get from point A (where we are today) to point B (where we want to be tomorrow. They key element here is to have a cross functional team work collaboratively together to agree on the vision, pipeline and strategy.

Implementation - Throughout the GIL Global event program the Frost & Sullivan team recognizes companies for best practices in all of the phases of the Growth Cycle. The executives from these companies bring fantastic case histories and experience to our journey and typically help coach others to improve their results in implementation and strategy.

Many great strategies are destroyed in the implementation phase so we integrate the best actual models and tools that have worked for other companies. Theoretical models are of no value to us if they have not been proven in industry. We focus on what has worked.

Experiential Learning - A key unique differentiator of our GIL Global Event Program is that is based on experiential learning. We have learned over the past 50 years that companies and executives do not change by being exposed to information through PowerPoint presentations. They do not learn from presentation and Q&A. Real change and learning happens through experience. We design all the elements of our GIL program with this in mind where we integrate benchmarks, demos, workshops, exercises, and think tanks to maximize learning and help drive real change.

Benefits to Delegates - Our delegates or GIL Community members derive very valuable benefits by attending GIL.

  • Growth Opportunities - The primary driver of our events is to expose our delegates to new opportunities from growth and help them reveal their own unique new opportunities.
  • Companies to Action - A key driver for future growth is the identification of what other companies are doing to disrupt the market. At a GIL event you will be exposed to companies you must consider for investing, partnering, licensing or acquiring.
  • Visionary Innovation - The skills, ideas, and tools you will acquire at a GIL event will make you a more effective and charismatic leader going forward. You will have more powerful conversations and will add more value to your company and colleagues.

The 4 Value Propositions - There are 4 value propositions we integrate at each GIL

  • Brand and Demand
  • Strategy and Vision
  • Technology and IP
  • Financial Strategy

Every company on the planet must be leveraging these 4 value propositions to drive growth and by attending our program you will have the opportunity to explore all 4.

Next Steps

Bring your team - The probability that the investment in your participation with the GIL Community is greatly enhanced by bringing your key team members. Once you are all talking the same language you will find it easier to transform your company.


Make the commitment today to attend a GIL event and start your journey to visionary innovation.

Growth strategy Dialog - Meet with our top analysts and consultants to brainstorm your ideas, strategies, challenges. It is a free one hour consulting session design to bring you the optimal impact from your experience and investment.

CEO Commitment - This is an event designed for CEOs. They are responsible for growth and transformational strategies. Get them involved as a keynote, speaker or sponsor. Their involvement is crucial for success.

Companies to Action - Is your company ready to get involved with the global community of growth, innovation and leadership in a big way. Please investigate whether your company is ready and qualified to join this exclusive list of companies to Action. This is a very select and targeted list of companies who investors, corporate and governments must get involved with in the future. These companies are exhibiting the following characteristics and are looking for partners in specific areas.

Key characteristic

  • They are disruptive innovators of industry and value chains
  • They are engaging new business models or disruptive technology
  • They are exploiting a global mega trend

Key Action Needs

  • Investors: actively looking for investment to continue momentum or opportunity
  • Distributors or partners on demand
  • Acquisition Target
  • IPO/Going Public Track
  • Partnerships in Technology Licensing
  • Partnership in Demand and Customer Needs
  • Leveraging the products and services

Participate - Participate in GIL Community as a thought leader, speaker, facilitator, panelist, social media curator.

Collaboration, Curation Contribution - We ask our clients to get involved as thought leaders, facilitators, board of advisers, partners, sponsors, and help drive this global world of change.

Get Your Company Involved - Avoid the Kodak moment by getting fully engaged, sponsor, partner, attend, get the team to help drive this. Support a GIL Event in your city or company conference center. Bring GIL home.