Project Evaluation and Recognition Program

Improvement projects in organizations are no longer about addressing inefficiencies; they are becoming the proving ground for innovative and novel methodologies that are employed for being future-ready.

Besides serving as a catalyst for continual improvement by encouraging participants, PERP is acknowledged by organizations for its benefits of cross-pollination of ideas and shortening the learning curve. It honors projects that are unique in their approach, are inventive as a solution or are a demonstration of dogged efforts in addressing a chronic issue.

Frost & Sullivan is pleased to announce the launch of the 7th edition of Project Evaluation and Recognition Program (PERP). This has been acknowledged as a national platform for an unbiased evaluation of projects and the team's effort that have contributed significantly towards enhancing business value across various functions in an organization.

Relevance of PERP in the Present Day

With over two million people and counting across 160 countries infected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact on healthcare, social sectors and the overall economy have been unprecedented and shocking. As the globe passes through these challenging times, it is imperative for business in both the manufacturing and the service sectors to stem the economic bleeding.

The need to instill positivity and take our past efforts and successes to the next level has never been as important as it is in today's scenario. This year's edition of the Project Evaluation and Recognition Program aims to provide that necessary impetus to change, to adapt, to innovate and rebound with greater zeal and success as we acknowledge champions in organizations.

To ensure safety for all, we intend to leverage digital platforms as the medium and means of interactions and evaluations. The new process shall ensure no compromise in the rigor, objectivity and completeness of the program.