Sustainability 4.0 Awards

The “Sustainability 4.0 Awards” is designed to honor the efforts made by companies who actively integrate sustainability principles into their business culture. We believe such organizations along with economic value creation also contribute to healthy ecosystems and stronger community. The awards platform instituted in 2009 has evolved in its scope and boundary ever since its inception. It has been through a series of transformation in the scope of assessment, sector coverage and the program title itself. The focus has enhanced to cover all elements of a sustainable organization instead of heavily focusing on environment sustainability.

Sustainabilitylogo.jpg"To assist adoption of sustainable development practices in the organizations and recognize the efforts of front runners through a healthy benchmarking process”.


Raghavendra Rao, Associate Partner & Sr. Vice President
Frost & Sullivan

Rao.jpgEmbracing sustainable practices are no longer prophecies, but are in today's challenging environment an essential and imperative approach to foster business growth.

In the 11th year of the awards, Frost & Sullivan and TERI are committed to recognize the efforts of companies on a national platform, in taking up the responsibility and setting the standards for the future of organizations.

I take this opportunity to personally invite you to be part of this exciting assessment, improvement and recognition program.

Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director General, TERI

Ajay.jpgSuccess breeds more success and nothing amplifies successful behavior more than recognition in a framework of aspiration. We at TERI are proud to partner with Frost and Sullivan in this initiative to recognize best practices in sustainability.

The Sustainability 4.0 Awards reflect our common commitment to provide a measurable and verifiable framework for sustainability, and to honor the efforts of businesses to meet and to better these benchmarks.

We look forward to have you with us on this journey, which would lead to a better future for all of us.

In its eleventh edition, Frost & Sullivan and TERI presents the Sustainability 4.0 Awards 2020 that aims to highlight the need for linkages between an organization’s strategy, governance & financial performance and the social, environmental & economic context within which it operates. This program enables businesses to take more logical & sustainable decisions that ensures long term stakeholder value.

Businesses across the globe share the most 'common' precious asset - PLANET EARTH. The Industrial revolution, over the years, has dramatically changed the earth’s ecosystem and our relationship with it. Today, businesses are dealing with a complex and unprecedented brew of Environmental, Social and governance (ESG) risks. The effort by the businesses to sustain and overcome this challenge is not only necessary, but also makes a good business sense. "Sustainability" is foreseen as an increasingly important strategic tool to address these risks. Embedding sustainability with economic value creation, will redefine the business ecosystem by creating value for all stakeholders, build safer environment and stronger community.

The Sustainability 4.0 Awards is designed to acknowledge the effort made by businesses towards achieving this objective. Through this initiative, we aspire to assist organizations unearth the risks, leverage onto the opportunities, enable them to benchmark their performance, and of course be rewarded for their accomplishments.

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