Industrial Automation & Process Control Consulting

IE_IAPC_245x121.jpgChanging demographics, increasing connectivity, and the need for real-time insights are transforming the process and discrete manufacturing industries. Frost & Sullivan’s experts in Industrial Automation & Process Control closely monitor emerging market opportunities in industrial automation, process control, and mechanical power transmission so that our clients have the competitive insights and market intelligence they need for sustainable growth.

Industrial Automation & Process Control technology spans a broad range of industries (from automotive to oil and gas), and technological expertise must be met with industry-specific knowledge. Frost & Sullivan’s global team of industry-diverse analysts and our comprehensive 360° growth perspective complement our Industrial Automation & Process Control services, providing our clients with uniquely powerful, in-depth market analyses on industry convergence trends.

 Key Topics of Expertise

  • Industrial Automation & Process Control
    •  Advanced process control and simulation
    •  Automation
    •  Bearings
    •  Distributed control systems
    •  Industry software
    •  Lasers
    •  Machine tools
    •  Process control equipment (pumps, valves, and compressors)
    •  Programmable logic controllers
    •  Robotics
    •  Welding
  • Mechanical power transmission
    •  Alternating current (AC) motors and drives
    •  Belts
    •  Chain drives and gear drives
    •  Direct current (DC) motors and drives
    •  Fluid power and transmission
    •  Pneumatics and accessories

Industry Coverage