Mechanical Power Transmission

Newest Mechanical Power Transmission 360° Research

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Mechanical Power Transmission
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trans100.jpgMarket dynamics in the industrial space have created a hyper-competitive environment. Globalization, instability in financial markets, technology evolution—these and other critical factors define the complex universe encompassing the CEO and his growth team of core executives.

The vision going forward for suppliers is transformation—assisting customers in transforming to best-in-class manufacturing or process plants that bring the plant floor into the enterprise-wide business intelligence milieu.

  Industrial Automation & Process Control Key 360° Issues

  • Increasing competition and product homogeneity challenge companies to differentiate with customer service and supports
  • “Smart” and “green” are the future of manufacturing and process plants, highlighting such issues as energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprints
  • Beyond BRIC – key emerging markets will drive global growth for companies with their products and services in the right place at the right time

Sector Coverage

Electric Drives, Electric Motors, Industrial Gearboxes & Drives

Electric Drives

Low Voltage AC Drives
Medium Voltage AC Drives
Low Voltage DC Drives
Medium Voltage DC Drives
Servo & Stepper Drives

Electric Motors

Low Voltage AC Motors
Medium Voltage AC Motors
Low Voltage DC Motors
Medium Voltage DC Motors
Small Motors

Industrial Gear-boxes & Drives

Off-the-shelf Gearboxes & Drives
Engineered Gearboxes & Drives

Fluid Power


Hydrostatic Transmission


Air Preparation (Filter, Regulators, Lubricators, and Accessories)

Industrial Brake & Clutches

Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes
Friction Clutches & Brakes
Overrunning Clutches
Fractional Horsepower Clutches & Brakes

Mechanical Drives

Industrial Belt Drives

Synchronous/Timing Belts
Variable Speed Belts
Flat Belts
Pulleys & Sheaves

Industrial Chain Drives

Roller Chains
Engineering Class Chains
Silent Chains
Pintle Chains

Industrial Bearings & Industrial Couplings

Industrial Bearings

Ball Bearings
Roller Bearings
Plain Bearings

Industrial Couplings

Mechanical Flexing
Material Flexing Couplings
Fluid Couplings

Industry Convergence

Aerospace & Defense
Automotive & Transportation
Chemicals, Materials & Food
Measurement & Instrumentation
Metals & Minerals


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Advanced Manufacturing Automation
Materials & Coatings
Sensors & Control