Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics, and Monetization (ODAM) Global Competitive Strategies

Stratecast ODAM Research Areas

"Purpose-Built" Analytics

Operations and Orchestration
  • Virtual and Hybrid Network Management and Orchestration – (NFV, SDN, SON)
  • Inventory and Resource Management
  • Network Planning and Engineering
  • Customer-Centric Service Assurance and CEM
  • Dynamic Service Assurance
  • Fulfillment
  • E2E Billing (Mediation, Rate & Charge, Policy, Interconnect & Settlement, and Usage Insight)
  • Partner Management
  • Real-Time Customer Yield Management
  • Charge & Bill (as a service, retail, and wholesale)
  • Financial Assurance (Revenue Assurance, Margin Assurance, and Fraud Management)

Market Drivers: Personalization, Data Volumes, Technology Evolution, Apps, Cloud, 5G, and IoT

Business Models: Wholesale B2B, Retail B2B2X, Consumer B2C, Cross-Industry 2.0, and Enterprise, Global Supplier Market Forecast and Market Share Analysis

Interactive Services: Inquiries, Private Briefings, Market Education, Storyboarding, Strategy Insights

odam graphic350.pngMore than a half-century ago,

CSP network and business management processes were manual (OAM&P). As CSPs have evolved over the years, so have the operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) that address CSP business and network management needs. In recent years, the lines between OSS and BSS have become less clear, with much overlap. In addition, the roles in which OSS and BSS operate have expanded beyond traditional boundaries. As such, Stratecast now uses the term Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics & Monetization (ODAM) to encompass both the traditional OSS and BSS functions and the new areas in which business and operations management must now work together, including virtualized networking and telecom data analysis.


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Lead Team Members:

whitelock.jpgKarl Whitelock
Global Director Strategy

mcelligott.jpgTim McElligott
Senior Consulting Analyst

morley.jpgTroy Morley
Strategy Analyst