Karl Whitelock

Karl Whitelock
Global Director Strategy

A 25+ year veteran of the communications industry, Whitelock leads the Stratecast Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics & Monetization (ODAM) Global Strategy team and has authored over 200 publications. His present areas of focus include the changing business and supplier models (B2B2C) and their impact on the monetization functions including: mediation, rating & charging, interconnect & settlements, policy management, partner management, subscriber data management, and customer service assurance. Whitelock has been instrumental in bringing to light the cloud-based, multi-partner services vision and the role of data in monetizing the Internet of Things. He helped to establish the Enterprise Business Enablement concept for meeting the needs of Cross-Industry 2.0 Virtual Services.

One of the original founders of Stratecast Partners – focused on the business strategies of the communications industry – Whitelock established the Stratecast Global OSS/BSS Competitive Strategies practice. He has managed executive-level relationships with a variety of communications industry companies including service providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), computing infrastructure suppliers, and solution integrators (SIs). He regularly addressees company-specific user group events, speaks at industry conferences sponsored by Frost & Sullivan and the TM Forum, and is a major contributor to VanillaPlus Magazine along with its associated virtual roundtable webinars.

Prior to Stratecast, Whitelock worked at a major North American service provider, global business consulting and solution integration firm, a network management developer, and a test and measurement supplier.

Whitelock holds a Bachelor of Science in engineering degree from the University of Utah.