Transformational Health

Healthcare, the world's largest industry, is transforming faster than ever. The focus on outcomes based medicine and optimal health management of populations will result in major seismic shifts. Modernization and reform measures are being employed globally by public and private sector organizations to meet the growing need for healthcare. New technologies are being created, offering enormous promise to improve care delivery.

Our Transformational Health practice serves all key industry stakeholders through partnership models that provide access to high-quality content and our global team of industry experts. The practice includes Visionary Health, Life Sciences, Advanced Medical Technologies and Digital Health, focusing on evolving healthcare technologies and covering the entire industry spectrum.


Life Sciences

Life Sciences

The Frost & Sullivan Global Life Sciences Program helps you better understand stakeholder dynamics as the healthcare system transitions from acute care into integrated care. Our research and insights help you make informed strategic decisions around how best to navigate this complex market.

Advanced Medical Technologies

Advanced Medical Technologies

In-depth coverage of the multitude of products and solutions used by providers across a typical clinical pathway, ranging from making a diagnosis, using the appropriate interventional or therapeutic approach and finally monitoring the subject through rehabilitation and convalescence.

Connected Health

Digital Health

Healthcare systems are undergoing dramatic structural changes that will impact every aspect of the way healthcare services are paid for and delivered, and the movement of care outside traditional settings is transforming medicine through digital health solutions.

Visionary Healthcare

Visionary Healthcare

The Visionary Healthcare program within Frost & Sullivan's Transformational Health practice evaluates disruptions and market evolution occurring to the means of care provision and compensation within the healthcare sector.

Critical Trends for Healthcare Transformation

Digital Health

Digital health leverages information technology to enable and deliver care across different settings in the care continuum to provide a digitized and connected world. It is a market centric to the convergence between healthcare and the information communication technology space.

Business Models & Services

Diminishing returns on investments made towards strategies for technical innovation, are putting pressure on healthcare companies to achieve growth objectives through radically evolving their business model.

Health Data Science

Robust analytics and insights from the structured and unstructured data sets currently expanding from patients, populations, life sciences, med tech, payers and other sources, can enable the solving of some of the most critical issues in the marketplace.

Future of Industries & Outlooks

Assessing a spectrum of market influencers, analysis captures likely near and long term competitive and market forecast scenarios. Comprehensive analysis provides insights into potential risks and opportunities resulting from expected changes.

Emerging Markets

Today geographical expansion goes beyond BRIC countries. Potential new opportunities lie within markets such as Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, S Africa, Nigeria, Middle East, and even Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Medical Technology Disruptors

Many acute and chronic conditions today have few treatment options beyond marginally mitigating disease progression and/or discomfort resulting from symptoms. Significant advances being made in biomedical engineering and medical research, are enabling a new generation of medical tools and technologies.

From Hospital to Home

Transitioning care delivery towards a model more focused on efficiency and effectiveness requires optimization of clinical workflows and decentralizing site of care. Reconciling population health management with individualized care can only occur through investment in new tools and infrastructure.

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is a paradigm shift from broad therapies to targeted therapies and will transform clinical practice and treatment outcomes. Better understanding of disease heterogeneity and identification of novel targets will expand its application beyond oncology.

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