Visionary Innovation (Micro Booms)

Micro Booms - analytical deliverables focused on driving growth

Strategic Imperative

The blurring of boundaries between industries has accelerated possibilities from converging trends, applications, technologies and markets. Organizations need to seize opportunities emerging from the forces of industry convergence.

Frost & Sullivan's P.A.C.E framework looks at converging mega trends driving these transformational growth opportunities.These near-term growth opportunities, are systematically identified through a structured macro-to-micro approach. Metrics and analytics support the P.A.C.E framework to synthesize strategic and analytical deliverables (micro booms) focused on driving growth.FS_GFX_ConvergencePACE_020416_MC_v8_AllBlue.png

To distill micro booms from mega trends, we examine industry transformations through the convergence filters of P.A.C.E. Our well experienced analysts and industry thought leaders assists our clients to move from the big picture scenarios and trends to specific implications pertaining to industries and organizations:

Our Offering


Micro Booms

Micro Booms presents unique and fresh thinking on growth opportunities driving the P.A.C.E of change. This is an annual research subscription.



Growth Strategy Dialogue

Complementary to our P.A.C.E content, our convergence thought leaders (horizontal and vertical experts) engage with client cross-functional teams to facilitate ideation, discover trends and examine growth implications.



Bespoke Service

Our client-specific consulting projects are tailored to address specific requirements.

Why Do Micro Booms Matter - The Strategic Imperative to Act Now

Micro Booms, stemming from mega trends, are growth opportunities focused on near-term that must be seized now to drive transformational growth and differentiated offerings. Organizations need to discover ideas, synthesize growth implications and execute growth strategies.

Benefits of a Micro Boom:

  1. Discover growth opportunities from adjacent industries
  2. Learn how to strategically partner with customers
  3. Assess business model innovation and leverage alternate revenue sources
  4. Identify innovative partnerships/ecosystem approaches
  5. Gain long-term competitive advantage
  6. Expand geographical reach and entrance into emerging markets
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